Staff / Instructors


Jonins are our head instructors and responsible for teaching our Ninjutsu curriculum.  Requirements include proficiency in Hand to Hand combat, weapons training, and knowledge of the Ninjutsu culture.

Heath Macaluso (Sensei), Head jonin/Instructor

Sensei Macaluso is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame sanctioned by Action Martial Arts Magazine.  His training is vast covering many disciplines, but Ninjutsu has his heart.

Andrew Benskie

Jonin Andrew is mysterious and legendary.  He is highly skilled in all weapons, stealth, tumbling, and coolness.  He has been at camp for over 14 years and a favorite amongst the campers for his intellect, compassion, and badassness.

Mia macaluso

Mia, a long time Ninja camper has spent years on improving her craft with a wide variety of skills.  Her strengths include Archery and Grappling.  She is a 2x National Freestlye Wrestling Champion and is currently on the USA World Team.  She was the 2019 Pan Am Wrestling Champion.  She has competed in Japan, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Guatamala, Russian, and counting.  She instructs our Ninjas on grappling and takedowns.

Sofia Macaluso

Sofia is a Jiu-Jitsu champion with other skills including weapons, tumbling, and grappling.  She is a world class wrestler and expert Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter. She is a 3X National Champ in Wrestling and 2022 Freestyle Wrestling World Silver Medalist.  

Hunter Allen

Hunter is one of our Sword Instructors.  He has been at Ninja Camp since 2012 and helps make Camp Fire Theater super fun.  He is an asset to the integrity of Ninja Camp keeping it real.  He also has the deepest voice of any Ninja recorded in history.

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Michael Paolillo

Michael is a diverse and clever Ninja with tons of weapons skills.  He assists in making sure our Ninja campers are demonstrating good technique while using the proper safety measures.

Jarod Paolillo

Jarod has an arsenal of weapons and he knows how to use them.  But even better, he loves to teach campers how to reach success in their training.  Jarod and his brother Michael help set the bar high for how intense and fun Ninja Camp should be.