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Jonin Sensei Heath Macaluso is the Head Instructor of Ninja Camp USA. Inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame January 2008, Sensei is college educated and holds multiple black belts. Sensei Macaluso oversees the Jonin & Chunin & Genin of our unique camp. His goal is to train kids in the art of Ninjustu giving them tremendous Confidence, Agility, Self-Defense skills, Secret Techniques, and the best Time a kid could ever hope for.

'Sensei' was a 4 Year Division One Wrestler, with a 3rd Degree Black in Aikido, a Black Belt in Budo Jiu-Jitsu. He is a Jiu-Jitsu Champion, and a competitive cage fighter, and has trained champions over the years. He currently teaches an amazing children's program as well as an Adult program with fighters competing throughout the Tri-State and New England areas.

Jonin - Andrew Benskie
Andrew Benskie started his training at 10 years old and is rarely seen and never heard. He is one of our top Jonin with a gift for the art of stealth. He possesses great weapons & tumbling skills. He teaches kids to win and finish a task whatever the costs.

He is a versatile martial artist with training in Aikido, Budo Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA. He has won grappling tournaments on the expert level and his first MMA fight. He has a great understanding and knowledge base of the martial arts and looks forward to getting your child in shape.





Ninja Camp USA, Heath Macaluso, Jake Hoffmann, Martial Arts Camp, Summer Camp, Orange County, NY, middletown, nyJake Hoffmann - Instructor of all that is dangerous
Jake is our Sergeant at Arms and Core trainer. He makes sure our Ninjas are in shape and strong enough to tackle any mission.

Jake is a 5 year Ninja Camp veteran. He is a Submission Grappling Expert Champion, and a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is one of our strongest Hand to Hand Combat fighters. Coming from a big family he understands kids and will do whatever it takes to help Ninja Camp make your child stronger and more confident!

Other Staff

  • Allison Powell: Food Director
    Meal Coordinator
    One of our Ninjas favorite staff members.  Allison is in charge of nourishing our ninjas and is notorious for great food and dessert.

Ninja camp has an extensive staff with many years of experience.  Too many to list!


Adventure Awaits!