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Does your Child like Adventure?

Does He/She want to Train like Ninja?

One of our Longest running Ninja Camps, NY Ninja Warrior Camp is an intense, dynamic, and a great time. 

June 24 - June 27, 2018 (Sunday-Wednesday, OVERNIGHT)

Ninja Camp USA, the Ultimate Fantasy Ninja Camp is designed to give our youth an authentic taste of living and training like real Ninjas!
They will become One with Nature with 90% of activities being held outside with professional Survivalists and Martial Artists. With Zero Downtime, Students will be challenged constantly both physically and mentally creating Strong and Confident Individuals. If they can do Ninja Warrior Camp, cleaning their room will be a piece of cake.

Highly Anticipated Overnight Ninja Camp-4 Days-3 Nights

Space is Limited with kids coming from all over U.S. & Canada. Ages: 8-17

Location/Venue:  Middletown, New York  -  Limited Space!!!

This is a serious Martial Arts Camp designed to teach kids respect, honor, and discipline. They will live and train like a Ninja. NO experience necessary.

Each kid will leave with their own Kit including:

Training Sword, Camp T-Shirt
Ninja Warrior Camp, Ninja Camp, NY, Ninja Warrior Camp with Sensei Heath Macaluso, Middletown, NY, Orange County, NY, Summer Camp, Adventure Camp, Martial Arts, MMA, Karate, Self-Defense, Ninjas 

  • Also included:
    Special Ninjustu Training

  • Mountain Hikes

  • Night Hiking with Professional Scout

  • MUD CAMO - with Camouflage Specialist

  • Ninja Obstacle Course Challenge

  • Weapons Kit: Throwing Stars, Knives (substitutes may occur)

  • Creating weapons from nature

  • Certificate of Achievement in Basic Nighttime Stealth

  • Stealth training and Stealth Competitions

  • Tumbling/Agility training

  • Hand to Hand combat skills

  • History Lessons on Japan and Ninjustu Weapons training to include:
    1) Knife Throwing
    2) Ninja Star throwing
    3) Bow and Arrow training
    4) Sword Fighting
    And so much more!!

    This is a great confidence building experience for your child. I hope your child can make it. They will thank you dearly.

    Thank you for being part of our Ninja Family.

    -Sensei Macaluso

Questions? Email Sensei at mailto:Ninja@NinjaCampUSA.com

An All-Inclusive Fantasy Camp with this many frills can run up to a $800. We want everyone to go so we are offering this Once in a Lifetime Experience for only $499.
Total Price: $499
Deposit Now: $149
Balance by June 15th: $350

$149 per child Deposit due by April 15th, $350 Balance by May 15th, 2018.
No refunds after June 15, 2018.

Balance must be paid in Full by June 15th, 2018 ($350 Balance for 1 child, $550 Balance for 2 children)

Total Pricing-All Inclusive Room & Meals: 1 Child: $499. Add only $350 for each additional sibling.

ONLY a deposit of $149 per child to reserve your child's spot!

Questions?  Call 845-742-0067 or email: Ninja@NinjaCampUSA.com



If you have already paid your Deposit and just need to pay the balance of $350; click on the Purple link Below.

Payment Button for Ninja Camp Balance

The ninjas in training will come home more disciplined, controlled, and Respectful of the people around them. They will learn the Secret Arts of Invisibility and Disguise. This Camp draws kids from all over the Country creating long lasting friendships with other kids with similar interests. An amazing experience your child won't want to miss! *Students must complete Ninja Camp to receive Camp T-shirt and weapons packages.


"Ninja Camp changed my daughters life! She had the best time and her confidence doubled.  She's on her 4th year of camp!"
-Guy Croce

"My child had the best time and learned some valuable leadership skills at Ninja Camp.  It helped tremendously with his self-discipline.""
-Jen Ganuncio